Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A auction with huge success!!!

Well what a ride it was last night trying to keep all the top bids updated all at once so everyone could bid for their fav polish!!!!
The whole auction was a HUGE success and we raised in total........*drumroll.......*


Thank you EVERYONE who donated a polish, who posted the auction on their social media site, who blogged, who bid and who encouraged someone else to bid!!

ASPECT Australia were thrilled when i told them that we had raised so much money for them.
They told me that this amount of money could put 16 children through their building blocks program for a whole month or even put a single child through one of their special needs schools for a whole year!
How great is that!!!!!

Now would you like to know some stats???

Well over the past month since i set up the blog we have had over 12,000 hits on the blog!
We have had many countries check out the blog including australia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany,Russia,Sweeden, Denmark and Singapore.

The highest winning bid was for the Femme fatale and that was won for $675.00! 
Yesterday alone we had 1,960 hits on the quick links post!

How great is this!!! 

Well the auction has come to its end, and it is time to say good bye for this year.

I am hoping i will be able to have a custom polish auction next April and raise even more funds and awareness for ASPECT and hopefully Camp Autism!!!

Please do keep subscribed ans i will pop on update when we decide to do this again

and also if you would like to read ASPECTS newsletter this month there is a article about our auction. here is the link-

thanks again for all your support- Tara Capewell