Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A auction with huge success!!!

Well what a ride it was last night trying to keep all the top bids updated all at once so everyone could bid for their fav polish!!!!
The whole auction was a HUGE success and we raised in total........*drumroll.......*


Thank you EVERYONE who donated a polish, who posted the auction on their social media site, who blogged, who bid and who encouraged someone else to bid!!

ASPECT Australia were thrilled when i told them that we had raised so much money for them.
They told me that this amount of money could put 16 children through their building blocks program for a whole month or even put a single child through one of their special needs schools for a whole year!
How great is that!!!!!

Now would you like to know some stats???

Well over the past month since i set up the blog we have had over 12,000 hits on the blog!
We have had many countries check out the blog including australia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany,Russia,Sweeden, Denmark and Singapore.

The highest winning bid was for the Femme fatale and that was won for $675.00! 
Yesterday alone we had 1,960 hits on the quick links post!

How great is this!!! 

Well the auction has come to its end, and it is time to say good bye for this year.

I am hoping i will be able to have a custom polish auction next April and raise even more funds and awareness for ASPECT and hopefully Camp Autism!!!

Please do keep subscribed ans i will pop on update when we decide to do this again

and also if you would like to read ASPECTS newsletter this month there is a article about our auction. here is the link-

thanks again for all your support- Tara Capewell

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quick links to all the auctions- and a list of current top bids

Here is a list of all the auctions that have started today 20th April 2013 at 9an AEST.
All auctions will finish at 9pm 30th April AEST.

You can bid as many times as you like, on as many polishes as you like! just remember the highest bid you make on a given polish will be the bid that will be used at the end of the auction.
Don't forget also to read the terms and conditions at the top of the blog and check out the "how to bid"if you are not 100% sure.



















I will keep this page updated with the top bids as regularly as i can. hopefully at least once a day if not more. as the auctions comes to its ends i will update frequently.

Tara :)

Auction 18 - ZOE'S POLISH - It's Raining Snowballs

Auction 17 - CELESTIAL POLISH -Blue Sky Mine

Auction 16 - ENCHANTED POLISH - Puzzle Peace

Auction 15 - MCKFRESH NAIL ATTIRE - Peacock Daiquiri

Auction 14- DEAD SET BABES- Born to be a Winner

Auction 12- DOLLISH POLISH- A is for Anthony

Auction 11- LOONY LACQUER- Carpe Diem

Auction 10 - LOKIS LACQUER- A Blue-tiful Mind

Auction 9 - GLOSS N SPARKLE - A Butterfly's Flight

Auction 8 - LOVE THY POLISH- Ohh.....Shiny!

Auction 6 - EMILY de MOLLY - Lit from Within

Auction 5 - ALANNA RENEE - Go Blue!

Auction 4 - PRETTY SERIOUS COSMETICS- The Great Below

Auction 3 - FEMME FATALE COSMETICS - Maelstrom

Auction 2 - SAYURI- The Star Spectrum

Auction - 13 - LYNNDERELLA- Light Heart Blue - Top 4 bidders win a bottle each.

Auction 1- SHADES OF PHOENIX - Blu Thea (blue goddess)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Todays sneak peek- celestial cosmetics

Todays polish is from Celestial cosmetics this brand is by a lovely lady called nicki who is a new and upcoming polish maker. she offered her services to create a custom blue and came up with a pretty polish called...... Blue Sky mine......

how pretty is this polish!!!!!

Dont forget the auctions start tomorrow 9am AEST and will go till 9pm AEST 30th april.

Tara :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

MCKFresh Nail Attire and a very special polish just added

Today we have to share with you 2 more polishes to be auctioned.
First up is MCKFresh nail attire. If you have not heard of this brand don't feel out of the loop. Kate form MCKFresh has only just popped up on the market. Her shop opens at the end of the month and her first collection of polishes are based on a move we all love called The Labyrinth. Be assured im pretty sure we will be seeing great things from this brand. And how nice of Kate to offer her services and create a custom blue to auction off.
so introducing the one ...and only ever to be made......Peacock Daiquiri

What a pretty polish !!!!!

Next up is a very special polish. This polish on a personal level just astounded me when i saw it!
My daughter as you may or may not know has Autism along with many other disabilities. she deals with a lot in life and struggles many days with back pain from her back brace that she wears 20 hours a day along with the hurdles that life throws at people who have autism. When she heard me talking and posting pictures of polish on the blog here, Zoe asked me "mum can i make a polish to help ASPECT?" and of course i said yes! so i got out all my polish sample glitter some tint and base and a bunch of little mixing bowls and sat her down at the table in our dining room! and off she went.
I have to say apart from pouring her polish into the bottle i gave her no help. Zoe has a huge love of plants vs zombies. she does not play it..oh not that causes a lot of stress leading to meltdowns but she loves to tell US how to play it and is never afraid to slap you on the shoulder if you are doing it wrong !!!!
so Zoe came up with a PvsZ inspired polish.....

Introducing.......... Its raining snowballs.......

As you can see she nicked my bottles from my Lokis lacquer stash!!! but i think she has done an awesome job mixing the different tints and glitters.
I really hope this polish goes to a well loved home and all of Zoe's heart went into this polish!!!!

Don't forget the auction starts in a couple of days...the 20th April! at 9am AEST.
there will be a auction form for each polish and i will update everyone in 1 post on the top bids daily.

for all the info please check up at the top of the blog for terms and conditions and how to bid.

Tara :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Todays Sneak peeks......... Enchanted polish and loony lacquer!

today we have 2 very special polishes to share with you.

First up is enchanted polish. The lovely Chelsea contacted me last week as she wanted to help out this great cause. i was super honored that she reached out to donate a polish for the auction. and boy oh boy she did not disappoint with the polish!!!!

Introducing........Puzzle Peace.......

look at the holo on this baby!!!!!

Next up we have another special polish... loony lacquer. Marie from loony lacquer is another newbie to the polish world. but don't let her short time in the polish world deceive you. Marie has some really pretty polishes and the custom she came up with is no exception.

Introducing Carpe Diem.......

this is an array of the polish over several different colours. pretty huh!!!

don't forget to check out the terms and conditions of the auction and  how the auction will work. these are located on the top tabs of the blog :)

tara :)

Please read.... update to terms and conditions and other information.

Hello there, just a quick one  to inform you the terms and conditions have been updated today 17/4/2013 at 8:58am AEST.

Please re read to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of the auction. thanks :)

Now some information for you regarding the auction.

This auction will be run via goggle docs.
Below is a screen shot of how the form will look when you fill in your information to bid.

There will be a submit button after you tick the terms and conditions .
Once you have submitted your bid it is final. so make sure you write the correct amount you would like to bid.
All bidding will be in Australian Dollars AUD$ if you need a currency converter try this one. be aware that the amount in Australian dollars to your currency will vary from day to day, So the day you bid the exchange rate may vary slightly to the day you make payment for the winning polish.

You are more than welcome to bid on more than one polish. we will have over 18 polishes up for grabs and they are all beautiful.
Lynnderellas custom polish bid will be a little different. there is 4 of the custom polishes that lynnderella has donated. I have chose to only have 1 auction for these and the top four bidders will win the 4 bottles. this way four different people will get a lynnderella rather than having 4 auctions and people blanketing the 4 auctions. If for any reason with this particular auction the top four bidders happen to be the same person (as you can bid more than ones) as per the terms and conditions of this auction only that persons top bid will be recognized and the next highers bidder will win the next bottle of polish.

I will be making a separate post for each auction. this way you can keep the link to the polish/polishes you would like to bid on rather than scroll through a bunch of auctions to get to yours.
I will also create a single post with a list of every polish and what their top bid is.I will update this list every  evening with the new top bid. so if you have been outbid you can then re bid if you wish.
On the last day 30th April i will try to update the post every hour. but i cannot guarantee this as i have 2 kids with special needs and we do get meltdowns !

I hope this has answered all your questions so far. if you have any more please feel free to add them to the comments and i will address them as soon as i can
Tara :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013




1) This is a charity auction. Custom blues for autism is raising funds for ASPECT Australia.
2) For reference, the letter of authority has been posted on the blog and our fundraising number is 2013COMM13101416. This is valid until 15 May 2013.
3) All bidding is done in Australian Dollars - AUD$ and funds should be sent via Paypal as such when the auction is over.
4) You will be contacted within 24 hours of the auction ending if you won.
5) Payment for the polish will need to be made within 7 days of the auction ending, or the second highest bid will win by default.
6) Postage costs will be borne by the winner and are as follows:
All the prices are for up to 500gms flat rate.
Australia- AUD$7.15- this includes tracking. Extra AUD$2.95 will be charged for signature delivery.
America/Canada- AUD$13.70. Registered post AUD$19.70
UK- AUD$17.70. Registered post AUD$23.70
For all other countries please go to Auspost's postage calculator to see how much your parcel will cost. Alternatively, contact us at osirisandloki[at]gmail[dot]com.
7) We are not liable for extra tax or customs duties incurred by the packages. 
8) Please opt for tracking with your parcel to ensure a peace of mind!
9 ) We will do our best to bubble wrap the polishes to the best of our abilities but we cannot guarantee a safe transit and because the polishes are one-offs, we regret to inform you they cannot be replaced and due to this being a charity auction there will be no refunds either if parcels go missing damages or destroyed.
10) The customs number will be recorded and you'll receive a photo of your parcel as proof of postage.
11) On our parts, we will label the package as "cosmetics" and tick the "gift" option.
12) The auction will be held via Google docs. All bids are silent so you won't know who you're bidding against at any time. The winners will be revealed at the end.
13) The auction will run as a blind bidding system. You will be required to enter your details, your bid and agree to the terms and conditions written on this page. 
14) The highest bidder will win the auction and will pay the amount they bid. The blog will be updated everyday with the highest bid for each polish so everyone will know what the highest bid is and can re-bid if they wish.
15) The highest bid will be taken as the winning bid, no matter how many times you bid and this will be the amount payable.
16) All of the auctions will start at 9am AEST on 20 April 2013 and end at 9pm AEST on 30 April 2013.
17) By bidding, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions.

2 more sneak peeks today introducing Emily de Molly and Sayuri's custom polishes .

Today we have 2 more awesome sneak peeks for you to drool over and bid on next week!

First up is Emily de Molly! And as usual Hayley has not disappointed!!! this is a beautiful dark blue jelly with an array of glitters with in.

Introducing .........Lit from within.........

How beautiful it is!!!!!!!!

Next up is newbie on the block....but no less fantastic.
The name behind the brand Anthea has created a beautiful polish for us to bid on, and the name she called it.....well just perfect!!!!

Introducing.........The Star Spectrum..........

the image show this lovely polish over black and white polish! what a wonderful glitter topper!!!!!!

Don't forget that the bidding will start on the 20th April 2013 here on the blog via a google doc
and the bidding will go for 10 days with the highest bidder winning. I will update the highest bid every day so you can re bid if your current bad has been passed

Tara :)