Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Please read.... update to terms and conditions and other information.

Hello there, just a quick one  to inform you the terms and conditions have been updated today 17/4/2013 at 8:58am AEST.

Please re read to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of the auction. thanks :)

Now some information for you regarding the auction.

This auction will be run via goggle docs.
Below is a screen shot of how the form will look when you fill in your information to bid.

There will be a submit button after you tick the terms and conditions .
Once you have submitted your bid it is final. so make sure you write the correct amount you would like to bid.
All bidding will be in Australian Dollars AUD$ if you need a currency converter try this one. be aware that the amount in Australian dollars to your currency will vary from day to day, So the day you bid the exchange rate may vary slightly to the day you make payment for the winning polish.

You are more than welcome to bid on more than one polish. we will have over 18 polishes up for grabs and they are all beautiful.
Lynnderellas custom polish bid will be a little different. there is 4 of the custom polishes that lynnderella has donated. I have chose to only have 1 auction for these and the top four bidders will win the 4 bottles. this way four different people will get a lynnderella rather than having 4 auctions and people blanketing the 4 auctions. If for any reason with this particular auction the top four bidders happen to be the same person (as you can bid more than ones) as per the terms and conditions of this auction only that persons top bid will be recognized and the next highers bidder will win the next bottle of polish.

I will be making a separate post for each auction. this way you can keep the link to the polish/polishes you would like to bid on rather than scroll through a bunch of auctions to get to yours.
I will also create a single post with a list of every polish and what their top bid is.I will update this list every  evening with the new top bid. so if you have been outbid you can then re bid if you wish.
On the last day 30th April i will try to update the post every hour. but i cannot guarantee this as i have 2 kids with special needs and we do get meltdowns !

I hope this has answered all your questions so far. if you have any more please feel free to add them to the comments and i will address them as soon as i can
Tara :)