Monday, April 8, 2013

And the sneak peeks keep on coming!! Lokis Lacquer

So today i get to share with you all the sneak peek of the custom polish from Lokis Lacquer...Thats Me!!!
I had to have a really big think with this polish as i did not want to do a huge glitter bomb. so i asked the best person i daughter Zoe! Zoe has Autism and what better way than to get a idea than from a person who has ASD!
 So what did Zoe want as a polish???? She wanted holographic! and so that's what i did .
As usual the pic just does not give this polish justice but i got the best pic i could!
I named my polish - A blue-tiful mind.

This polish has 2 aspect it is a bright blue holo polish but i also put very fine blue glitter in the polish so even when you are not in the sun this polish sparkles!

Stay tuned for tomorrow i will post another sneak peek!
Tara :)