Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Todays Sneak Peek..... Dollish Polish and Dead set Babes.

So today we have a fantastic polish Sneak peek from the wonderful Dolly over at Dollish Polish.

 I have always been a sucker for Dolly's polishes every since she started up...well seems a LONG time ago :) and when i decided to do this auction i though i would ask her as every polish she creates is....well..... too die for!!!!!!
Dolly explained to me that she has a nephew with Autism and has dedicated this one of a like to him.
so i introduce to you........ A is for Anthony........

This polish so MEGA pretty!!! i love jelly bases and this polish will certainly not disappoint!!!
So if like me you are a HUGE Dollish Polish fan make sure you subscribe to our emails and keep an eye of this beauty to go on auction.

Next up is a baby to the Indie polish world...but do not be deceived by this..... Dead set Babes have produced some unbelievable polishes and the custom they have made for this auction is no exception.

So introducing to you......Born to be a winner.......

This fun polish is what i would call a party on your nails! with the pretty blue stars to the cute pink dots this polish screams its name "born to be a winner!" and you know what else?????........ IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! yep!! glows!!! This one of a kind polish  ticks all the polish boxes for me !!

So if you would like to bid on this polish make sure like all the other polishes you subscribe to our emails and then bid! Bid! BID! when the auction starts. As i will keep saying Every cent raised will be going to ASPECT Australia

Tara :)