Thursday, April 11, 2013

and the next sneak peek is......Lynnderella.

Today's swatch is of a very well know brand of nail polish called Lynnderella. I think Lynnderella was one of the first polish makers out there who decided that we needed something more than just boring cremes on the market and then went ahead and did something about it!
We were lucky enough to get in contact via the Fantastic Nicole Andrea Tan and acquire a very special polish....well actually 4...YES .....4 very special polishes!!! Lynnderella was kind enough to donate 4 custom polishes to us and 4 to another group who is organizing a similar thing for autism awareness. So ladies...... there will ever only be 8 of these beauties in the world. and you guys will get the chance to own one right here!!!

So would you like to see this great polish???????

Here you are...... Light Heart Blue........

And how bright is this lovely bottle of polish!!!!

Now you ask ...I NEED THIS POLISH!!!!.... well all you will have to do is head on over here to this blog on the 20th April 2013 when i will put up all the silent bidding forms. You will just need to find the polish you would like to bid on and enter your details , your bid in AUD$ and then agree to the terms and conditions. which are things like paying for postage, how to know the boring stuff :)

The auction will go for 10 days and every day i will update you with what the highest bids are. so if your bid have been taken over you can them bid again.

To keep up to date with what wonderful polishes we have on offer make sure you subscribe to the emails and you will never miss a post!!!

Tara :)