Thursday, April 18, 2013

MCKFresh Nail Attire and a very special polish just added

Today we have to share with you 2 more polishes to be auctioned.
First up is MCKFresh nail attire. If you have not heard of this brand don't feel out of the loop. Kate form MCKFresh has only just popped up on the market. Her shop opens at the end of the month and her first collection of polishes are based on a move we all love called The Labyrinth. Be assured im pretty sure we will be seeing great things from this brand. And how nice of Kate to offer her services and create a custom blue to auction off.
so introducing the one ...and only ever to be made......Peacock Daiquiri

What a pretty polish !!!!!

Next up is a very special polish. This polish on a personal level just astounded me when i saw it!
My daughter as you may or may not know has Autism along with many other disabilities. she deals with a lot in life and struggles many days with back pain from her back brace that she wears 20 hours a day along with the hurdles that life throws at people who have autism. When she heard me talking and posting pictures of polish on the blog here, Zoe asked me "mum can i make a polish to help ASPECT?" and of course i said yes! so i got out all my polish sample glitter some tint and base and a bunch of little mixing bowls and sat her down at the table in our dining room! and off she went.
I have to say apart from pouring her polish into the bottle i gave her no help. Zoe has a huge love of plants vs zombies. she does not play it..oh not that causes a lot of stress leading to meltdowns but she loves to tell US how to play it and is never afraid to slap you on the shoulder if you are doing it wrong !!!!
so Zoe came up with a PvsZ inspired polish.....

Introducing.......... Its raining snowballs.......

As you can see she nicked my bottles from my Lokis lacquer stash!!! but i think she has done an awesome job mixing the different tints and glitters.
I really hope this polish goes to a well loved home and all of Zoe's heart went into this polish!!!!

Don't forget the auction starts in a couple of days...the 20th April! at 9am AEST.
there will be a auction form for each polish and i will update everyone in 1 post on the top bids daily.

for all the info please check up at the top of the blog for terms and conditions and how to bid.

Tara :)