Monday, April 1, 2013

Custom blues for Autism..... what does it mean???

Custom blues for autism....what does this mean??? well to start off with lets just explain what April is First!!!!!

This month is AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH. It is a world wide event. As a parent of a child with Autism this month is very close to my heart.
So this year i have decided to raise funds for ASPECT Australia. this charity has done so many things for my daughter it is unbelievable! from the first time they sent someone from their Building Blocks program to our house when Zoe was 4 year old (and could not even speak) , to getting Zoe a placement in their special needs class and then following her progress closely, to putting Zoe in1to a main stream school and insuring she got the best help possible!
In the past it has always been my hubby raising funds with his crazy running. Like running 100 kms in the bush in The North Face 100 a few years back.
But now it is my turn, and with the help of the Nail polish community and the FANTASTIC Indie polish makers out there we will be having several auctions of special 1 of a kind custom blue polishes made especially for Autism awareness month.
As the days go buy i will be adding details of the polish makers involved and you will be able to check out their wares with links to their shops on the right sidebar.
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Hugs <3  Tara xx